about me

I originally gained recognition in my career as a professional make-up artist, primarily working in the beauty and fashion industries, having work featured in most national newspapers, and many magazines. My work also extended to pop videos, TV commercials and major fashion shows. With this wealth of knowledge I have, in recent years made the move to working behind the camera. It was a natural progression and now I use both skills - photographic and make-up - to create my images.

about my work

I am essentially a portrait photographer with a fashion and beauty edge to my work. My inspiration comes mostly from female photographers. Corinne Day, Jane Bown, Julia Margaret Cameron, Carrie Branovan, Nan Goldin and Sarah Moon have all had a huge influence on the way I work and look at photography. I like the way women approach portraits, often bringing simple truth to an image. My aim is to take honest pictures that reveal the personality of each sitter as much as their appearance, and to capture an image that is a true representation of the moment.

about my website

I hope you will find my website easy to use and understand but you might be wondering about the "And Also" area of the portfolio. This section very much reflects my fashion and beauty background giving me freedom to add some shots that don't fall in to the male and female portrait categories.

actors' headshots

I'm frequently asked if I do actors' headshots, and yes, I do. My prices, terms and conditions are available on request - please feel free to email or message me and let me know a little bit about what you are looking for. I will normally get back to you within 48 hours.


High resolution prints from the "Nature" section of my portfolio are available to order on request. Please email me to let me know your requirements.


All images copyright © 2016 Vanessa Haines Photography. All rights reserved. No unauthorised use of my images is permitted. Please contact me regarding rates for editorial or similar usage of my photographs.